About Us

Secure D Future International Initiative

Is A Non-Governmental Organization Birthed To Serve As A Mind Reformation Tool Through Psychotherapy, Counseling And Human Capital Development Trainings.

We humans are constantly faced with hurdles, challenges and accidents as we journey through life. Some of 

these factors mentioned leave indelible mark on one’s subconscious which in turn affects one’s sense of 

reasoning and way of doing things. The effect also could result to trauma or depression. At this point 

one is expected to reach out for professional help in getting over the trauma or depression, unfortunately 

in this part of the clime, we see individuals reaching out to the leaders of religious organization for 

professional help instead of Psychologist, Behavior Therapist or Trained Counselor.

our mission

To provide professional help through psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, counseling and human capital development training

our vision

To be a transformational tool for mind reformation, social integration and acceptance.

Our core values

We believe that your mind is your wealth, so de-cluttering your wealth bank and imputing qualities that builds you up is our focus, goal, pride and pursuit.
SDF is poised towards instituting personal and nation building attributes, serving as a tool for reformation through first counselling, psychotherapy, and human capital development.

SDF Aims and objectives

SDF aims to encourage individuals to seek professional help in attending to their psychological and emotional needs.

• To encourage behavior modification among youths.

• To reduce the dependency level of individuals in seeking          psychological and emotional help from 

leaders of religious organizations.

• To give the needed relevance to the psychology and counseling professionals

• To raise an army of reformed minds.